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Momentum Academy campuses from Left to Right: Tower Grove South, Fox Park, Gravois Park

ST. LOUIS, MO – Momentum Academy is proud to announce that three of our campuses have scored in the top 20 in multiple categories of the 3rd Edition of the prestigious PRiME Center Growth Report, conducted by St. Louis University’s research arm, SLU PRiME. This annual report evaluates the growth performance of 1,672 schools across 546 districts throughout Missouri during the 2021-2022 school year, offering a comprehensive look at educational progress in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

SLU PRiME’s Growth Scores span a wide range, with ELA scores from 66.5 to 104.8 and Mathematics scores from 65.3 to 103.6. Additionally, 1,549 schools received Subgroup growth scores, varying between 67.9 to 107.1 in ELA and 67.5 to 105.1 in Math. SLU PRiME caps these scores at 100 for consistency and familiarity for ranking purposes. Despite the extensive competition, Momentum Academy has distinguished itself through exceptional growth in multiple key areas.

Highlights from Momentum Academy’s Performance:

  1. Momentum Academy: Tower Grove South
    • Top Subgroup English Language Arts Growth
    • Top Schoolwide Mathematics Growth
    • Top Subgroup Mathematics Growth
  2. Momentum Academy: Fox Park
    • Top Subgroup Mathematics Growth
  3. Momentum Academy: Gravois Park
    • Top Subgroup Mathematics Growth
    • Top Schoolwide Mathematics Growth

These achievements reflect Momentum Academy’s commitment to academic excellence and our scholar-first approach to education, prioritizing personalized learning and robust support systems for all students. The recognition by the SLU PRiME Center underscores the hard work and dedication of our students, educators, and the entire school community.

Momentum Academy’s success is especially notable given the rigorous evaluation framework of the SLU PRiME Growth Report, which assesses educational growth comprehensively across all nine Missouri regions. Our schools, which serve Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, have demonstrated outstanding progress and continue to set high standards for educational outcomes.

Discover how Momentum Academy redefines academic success with our scholar-first approach to education. Visit our website to learn more about our programs and how we nurture the potential in every scholar.


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