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February 26, 2024

At Momentum Academy STL, we recognize that our scholars may encounter stress and anxiety both within and beyond the classroom environment. With a commitment to holistic student well-being, our dedicated social workers, Reneeka Gause and Marlice House, endeavor to equip our parents and families with the necessary tools to assist their scholars during moments of mental health challenges.

In pursuit of this objective, Gause and House have initiated the Social Workers’ Side Bars series, commencing with the debut segment titled ‘Managing Scholar Anxiety.’ In this inaugural installment, they delve into understanding anxiety, how it shows up among scholars, and offer a range of resources aimed at supporting students grappling with anxiety.

You’ll find the PowerPoint mentioned in the video below that provides helpful tips on guiding students experiencing anxiety.

We look forward to continuing the Social Workers Side Bars series regularly! If you’d like to contact our Momentum Academy social workers you can reach them at the numbers below.

Gause: Fox Park/Tower Grove East

House: Gravois Park/Tower Grove South


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