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Our Families

Families choose Momentum Academy because they know we are just as committed to the family as we are individual scholars. We know learning doesn’t end within our walls, so we encourage parents and guardians to be a part of our excellent educational experience through meaningful engagement and participation.

Our Current Families

Our Students

At Momentum Academy, we have the commitment to provide a high‐quality education to any scholar who comes through the lottery. This is especially true for scholars who are eligible for Special Education, McKinney Vento or Foster Care Services. We are acutely aware of the alternatives that the scholar will likely get elsewhere. In rare cases (approximately 1% of the time), we may want to partner with parents to ensure a student with challenges is in the best possible setting. Making the decision to consider an alternative placement for a scholar requires a specific process

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Academic Excellence

We hold ourselves accountable to providing our scholars with an education focused on excellence both inside and outside the classroom.

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We’re committed to the whole family.


Equitable Access

It is consistent with and necessary to our mission that we serve our scholars and the unique struggles they may face in the classroom. This means providing an accessible education for everyone in our Momentum community

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We acknowledge that our scholars come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, and we want our curriculum to be culturally relevant and aware of those special differences. The same goes for hiring. We want our team to reflect the diversity of our scholars, so we make a point of recruiting teachers and staff that reflect our values, heart and commitment to celebrating our differences as points of learning.

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