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St. Louis, MO – Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed legislative Senate Bill 727 into law early last week. Among many aspects of the bill, it expands Charter Schools into Boone County. The only cities previously allowed to include Charter Schools were St. Louis City and Kansas City, increases the minimum salary for teachers in Missouri, and increases funding to multiple programs including Pre-Kindergarten. 

“Embracing the expansion of Charter Schools in Missouri recognizes the diverse needs of students and families in Boone County who can access the right to choose based on their scholar’s unique educational needs.” – Dr. Miranda Ming, Momentum Academy’s Executive Director

The bill also focuses on boosting teacher pay from the minimum of $26,000 to $40,000 beginning in the 2025-26 school year. In addition, the legislation outlines the minimum compensation for teachers who’ve obtained a Master’s Degree and have been in the field for more than 10 years. 

“Within Momentum Academy’s commitment to equitable compensation lies the recognition that those shaping our future leaders and fulfilling our mission deserve more than just a minimum wage; they deserve acknowledgment, support, and fair remuneration for their invaluable contributions.” – Megan Prouhet, Momentum’s Chief of Curriculum and Instruction

Earlier this year, the Momentum Academy Operations and Human Resource team unveiled a transparent salary schedule to current staff that outlined an 11.5% pay increase for certified teachers over a two-year period. Our advances in teacher compensation go far beyond monetary value as we continue to prioritize certification assistance and employee well-being. 

As we conclude celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week and National Charter Schools Week this week, we could not be more excited with the expanded support from lawmakers in Jefferson City. Learn more about life at Momentum Academy as a Public Charter School District in the St. Louis area and our open positions for the upcoming 2025-25 school year.


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